About Us

What is Pulp Impact?

‘Impact’ – it’s a word that academics and researchers are constantly hearing. How far is your research going? Who is reading it? What is the actual ‘impact’ of your work in the wider world?

Pulp Impact is a site that helps to overcome the barriers between academia and the wider public by presenting engaging content in an accessible way. Research comes to life and transcends the scholastic echo-chamber. The articles on this site are a gateway; giving readers a taste, piquing their intellectual curiosity, and encouraging them to seek out more…

Who Are We?

Pulp Impact was started by a small group of academics, all with a passion for applying their academic knowledge to a wider cultural setting (that’s just a fancy way of saying we sit around talking about geeky stuff…).

The idea originated with Dr Natalie Armitage, who also works as an artist and writer (she writes on those subjects here: voodoodollgirl.com). Through discussion with her colleagues, Dr Stephen Gordon and Dr Ceri Houlbrook, Pulp Impact started to take shape. We are not only looking to get our own research interests to a wider audience, but also offer a space for others to do the same.

Get Involved

The intention of Pulp Impact is that is grows beyond the small group that started it. If you are a post-grad or post-doc and want to join or contribute to Pulp Impact and get your research seen by a wider audience then we would love to hear from you!

Get in contact at: admin@pulpimpact.com